Yogesh Dhimate

Notes to Myself

Jul 24, 2021 - 2 minute read - Personal

Random Act of Kindness

I frequently visit one online group. It sends some thought-provoking prompts to reflect on past experiences and random ideas.

Here are some examples.

  • Which bad commercial that you saw that has stayed with you?
  • What does a ‘perfect day’ mean to you?

This week’s prompt was about the act of kindness shown to you, that you’ll never forget.

I wanted to share such experience.

Before COVID-19, I was traveling for my job. In July-August 2019, my assignment was in Moline, IL. It’s a small town on Illinois - Iowa border. This was my very first visit to the city. Due to an inclement weather-induced delay, I landed at Moline airport around 12.50 AM on Monday. I couldn’t find an Uber or a taxi to go to the hotel. Apparently no one provides a ride at that time of the night. I didn’t have a rental car booking, and the rental car counters couldn’t provide me a car on the spot. My only other option was to wait at the airport for the next 5 hours and hope for the cab driver to show up. There was no food at that small airport. I was more worried about my important meeting in the morning. As a last attempt, I called the hotel - Element - to check on the possibility of helping me out. I was aware that they don’t provide an Airport shuttle. Fortunately, the front desk lady at the hotel was super helpful and drove at 1.30 AM in her own car to pick me up at the airport.

This random act of kindness from a stranger has left a lasting impression on me. It has also associated this experience with Mariott - the owners of the Element hotels. Whenever I book a hotel room, I search for availability at one of the Mariott’s hotels first.