Yogesh Dhimate

Notes to Myself


Dec 5, 2022 - 1 minute read -

Hi. My name is Yogesh Dhimate. I’m a husband, and a father. I like reading, writing, and generally tinkering with things.

At home as a new father I am responsible for varied things including but not limited to

  • Logistics of complex multiple team member and external scheduling
  • Procurement of supplies and equipment according to effective use of budget
  • Supporting my wife in high-quality essential care
  • Answering on-call demands and needs 24/7
  • Completing janitorial duties on an as needed basis
  • Disciplining wayward behaviour
  • Teaching survival technique and life skills
  • Teaching multi-lingual literacy and employability skills
  • Mentoring and coaching soft skills

At work I build innovative products and solutions at Amazon Web Services to solve real life challenges.

I started this blog with the goal of learning to write better. As I started writing I’ve found that in this process, my thinking has gotten better.

This is my personal website. All opinions expressed here are my own.